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Resources for software development

Programming languages: Software development tools:
  • Introduction to GNU Compiler Collection (gcc)
  • Easy to understand introduction for the gcc compiler. Highly recommended for beginners.
  • GNU Compiler Collection (gcc)
  • Manual for for GNU Compiler Collection. GCC is used for all projects in the SimOpt group.
  • GNU debugger manual.
  • The GNU debugger is command-line oriented tool for detecting bugs in your code. There are also GUIs available.
  • Subversion
  • Subversion is a version control system used for all projects of the SimOpt group.
  • Doxygen
  • Doxygen is a powerful tool for generating documentations directly from your source code. It is used in most projects of the SimOpt group.
  • Valgrind
  • Valgrind is tool to detect all kinds of memory-related problems and bugs in software.
  • CMake/CTest
  • CMake is a platform independend build and installation tool used in most projects of the SimOpt group. CTest is a tool for automatic testing of software.
  • MinGW and MSYS
  • MinGW is a port of the GNU compiler collection to Windows. MSYS is a port of the bash command shell to Windows. Together they provide a Linux-like environment that makes it possible to run MUSCOD-II under Windows 2000 / XP / Vista.
  • Eclipse and CDT
  • Eclipse is an open-source GUI for software development. Originally intended for Java only, Eclipse now also supports C and C++ through the CDT toolkit. Useful features include syntax highlighting, ctags-like functionality, a GUI to the gdb debugger, automatic subversion support, and much more.
Solutions to some common problems: Software packages and libraries:
  • Home of the Boost project
  • Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. There are tools for text processing, containers, iterators and algorithms, function objects and higher-order programming, generic programming, template metaprogramming, numerics, testing, memory, parsing, programming interfaces,...
  • SOLVIND - the SOLver suite with IND
  • A great ODE/DAE integrator package from our group members Christian Kirches and Jan Albersmeyer for solving initial-value problems. Contains the BDF method DAESOL-II as well as the RKFSWT collection of Runge-Kutta-like methods, and provides a common interface to them. Feature include: forward/adjoint sensitivities, second-order sensitivites, implicit discontinuities, support of analytic/finite-difference/ADOL-C/dense/sparse derivatives, object-oriented design.
  • Third-party libraries in our subversion repository
  • In our local subversion repository you'll find -- besides software of our own -- the following third-party software packages and libraries for your convenience: Boost (Windows), ADOL-C, ADIFOR, LAPACK, LIBLAC, NAG (mark 18), HSL, UMFPACK.
Other useful stuff:


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