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Tutorials Algorithmic Optimization 1 (2017 Summer Term)


There are two tutorials: Tuesday, 4:15 pm and Wednesday, 2.15 pm. Both take place in Mathematikon, INF 205, Seminarraum 11.
Please use MUESLI to register for the tutorials.



Sufficient conditions for exam admission are:
  • being registered for a tutorial,
  • regular and active attendance in the tutorial,
  • at least 50% of the maximum score in theoretical homework problems,
  • at least 50% of the maximum score in practical homework problems,
  • presenting at least one theoretical and one practical solution in the tutorial.

Exam Date and Conditions

The exam takes place on Thursday, August 3, 2017, 11:15-12:45, Mathematikon Seminarraum C.

If you have failed the final exam, it is possible to retake the exam on Thursday, September 28, 11:15-12:45, Mathematikon Seminarraum 11. It is not necessary to register for the retake exam in MUESLI.
  • Please have your regular ID and student ID at hand,
  • no electronic calculation devices are allowed,
  • with the exception of a pen no additional tools are allowed,
  • only provided paper is allowed.
Exam Inspection
You can inspect your exam on Friday, August 4, 2017, 15:00-16:30, Mathematikon 2/407.

Programming Exercises

Programming exercises have to be done using Python. We have compiled an introduction and practical hints on installation and usage. Ensure that you comply to the rules as formulated in the first homework assignment.

Installation Consulting Hour

We will provide a consultation hour if you have problems installing python and the necessary packages on your computer. The consultation hour will be on April, 24, 2017, 13:00-15:00, Mathematikon, INF 205, Room 2/300. Please check before if you can get python and the necessary packages and if not drop in.

Homework assignments
1 exercise01.pdf
2 exercise02.pdf
3 exercise03.pdf
4 exercise04.pdf
5 exercise05.pdf
6 exercise06.pdf
7 exercise07.pdf
8 exercise08.pdf
9 exercise09.pdf
10 exercise10.pdf
11 exercise11.pdf
12 exercise12.pdf
13 exercise13.pdf

1 exercise01-skeleton.ipynb nbviewer preview
2 exercise02-skeleton.ipynb nbviewer preview
3 exercise04-skeleton.ipynb nbviewer preview
4 exercise07-skeleton.ipynb nbviewer preview
5 exercise11-skeleton.ipynb nbviewer preview

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