IWR/SFB-Preprints 1998

(Zahl fettgedruckt = SFB-Preprint):

  1. G. Kemper, G. Malle:

  2. Invariant rings and fields of finite groups
    (Abstract1998-01, Preprint1998-01)

  3. H. X. Phu, N. D. Yen:

  4. On the stability of solutions to quadratic programming problems
    (Abstract1998-02, Preprint1998-02)

  5. Th. Schaich, J. Braun, J. P. Toennies, M. Buck, Ch. Wöll:

  6. Structural changes accompanying the hydrogen desorption from the diamond C(111):H(1x1)-surface revisited by helium atom scattering
    (Abstract1998-03, Preprint1998-03)

  7. N. Neuß, W. Jäger, G. Wittum:

  8. Homogenization and Multigrid
    (Abstract1998-04, Preprint1998-04.ps.gz)

  9. R. Dipper, M. Geck, G. Hiß, G. Malle:

  10. Representations of Hecke algebras and finite groups of Lie type
    (Abstract1998-05, Preprint1998-05)

  11. S. Kilian, S. Turek:

  12. An example for parallel ScaRC and its application to the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
    (Abstract1998-06, Preprint1998-06)

  13. G. Kemper:

  14. Computational Invariant Theory
    (Abstract1998-07, Preprint1998-07.ps.gz)

  15. G. Kemper:

  16. A Characterization of Linearly Reductive Groups by their Invariants
    (Abstract1998-08, Preprint1998-08.ps.gz)

  17. P. Müller:

  18. Arithmetically Exceptional Functions and Elliptic Curves
    (Abstract1998-09, Preprint1998-09)

  19. M. Braack, R. Becker, R. Rannacher, J. Warnatz:

  20. An Adaptive Finite Element Method for Combustion Problems
    (Abstract1998-10, Preprint1998-10.ps.gz)

  21. B. Schweizer:

  22. A well-posed model for dynamic contact angles
    (Abstract1998-11, Preprint1998-11.ps.gz)

  23. W. Jäger, A. Mikelic:

  24. On the Interface Boundary Condition by Beavers, Joseph and Saffman
    (Abstract1998-12, Preprint1998-12)

  25. H.-P. Gail:

  26. Chemical reactions in protoplanetary accretion disks. IV: Multicomponent mixture
    (Abstract1998-13, Preprint1998-13)

  27. H. Koch, S. S. Antman:

  28. Stability and Hopf bifurcation for fully nonlinear parabolic-hyperbolic equations
    (Abstract1998-14, Preprint1998-14.ps.gz)

  29. P. Müller:

  30. Hilbert's Irreducibility Theorem for prime degree and general polynomials
    (Abstract1998-15, Preprint1998-15)

  31. M. von Schwerin, O. Deutschmann, V. Schulz:

  32. Process Optimization of Reactive Systems by Partially Reduced SQP Methods
    (Abstract1998-16, Preprint1998-16)

  33. M. H. Beck, H.-D. Meyer:

  34. Extracting accurate bound-state spectra from approximative wave packet propagation using the filter-diagonalization method
    (Abstract1998-17, Preprint1998-17)

  35. M. von Schwerin:

  36. Numerische Methoden zur Schätzung von Reaktionsgeschwindigkeiten bei der katalytischen Methankonversion und zur Optimierung von Essigsäure- und Methanprozessen
    (Abstract1998-18, Preprint1998-18)

  37. A. Ströder:

  38. Zur numerischen Behandlung eines biologischen Ausgleichsproblems mit PARFIT
    (Abstract1998-19, Preprint1998-19)

  39. R. Becker, H. U. Kapp:

  40. Optimization in PDE models with adaptive finite element discretization
    (Abstract1998-20, Preprint1998-20.ps.gz)

  41. J. Klüners:

  42. On Polynomial Decompositions
    (Abstract1998-21, Preprint1998-21)

  43. W. Jäger, N. Kutev:

  44. Discontinuous Solutions of the Nonlinear Transmission Problem for Quasilinear Elliptic Equations
    (Abstract1998-22, Preprint1998-22)

  45. M. Schäfer, S. Turek, R. Rannacher:

  46. Evaluation of a CFD Benchmark for Laminar Flows
    (Abstract1998-23, Preprint1998-23)

  47. G. Malle:

  48. On the Rationality and Fake Degrees of Characters of Cyclotomic Algebras
    (Abstract1998-24, Preprint1998-24)

  49. M. Braack:

  50. An Adaptive Finite Element Method for Reactive-Flow Problems
    (Abstract1998-25, Preprint1998-25.ps.gz)

  51. J. Klüners:

  52. On Computing Subfields - A Detailed Description of the Algorithm
    (Abstract1998-26, Preprint1998-26)

  53. F.-K. Hebeker:

  54. An Adaptive Finite Element Method for Detonation Waves: Towards Time Limit Zero
    (Abstract1998-27, Preprint1998-27)

  55. M. Altieri, Chr. Becker, S. Kilian, H. Oswald, S. Turek, J. Wallis:

  56. Some Basic Concepts of FEAST
    (Abstract1998-28, Preprint1998-28)

  57. F.-T. Suttmeier:

  58. On FE-Discretisations with Least-Squares Stabilisation: A Posteriori Error Control for the Membran-Problem
    (Abstract1998-29, Preprint1998-29)

  59. B. Baschek, R. Wehrse:

  60. Radiation fields in moving media: 1. new analytical and numerical solutions of the transfer equation, 2. effects of many spectral lines in AGN accretion disks
    (Abstract1998-30, Preprint1998-30)

  61. M. Altieri, Chr. Becker, S. Turek:

  62. On the Realistic Performance of Certain Linear Algebra Components in Iterative Solvers
    (Abstract1998-31, Preprint1998-31)

  63. R. Rannacher, F.-T. Suttmeier:

  64. A Posteriori Error Estimation and Mesh Adaptation for Finite Element Models in Elasto-Plasticity
    (Abstract1998-32, Preprint1998-32)

  65. F.-T. Suttmeier:

  66. An Adaptive Displacement/Pressure Finite Element Scheme for Treating Incompressibility Effects in Elasto-Plastic Materials
    (Abstract1998-33, Preprint1998-33)

  67. J. Peitz, S. Appl:

  68. Relativistic Dissipative Hydrodynamics in the 3+1 Formulation
    (Abstract1998-34, Preprint1998-34)

  69. Ph. Rosenau, A.C. Ströder, A.D. Stirbet, R.J. Strasser:

  70. Recent Advances in Modelling the Photosynthesis
    (Abstract1998-35, Preprint1998-35.ps.gz)

  71. B. H. Matzat:

  72. Fortschritte in der inversen Galoistheorie
    (Abstract1998-36, Preprint1998-36)

  73. S. Turek, S. Buijssen:

  74. OMEGA2D - A tutorial for a preprocessing tool in FEAT2D and FEATFLOW
    (Abstract1998-37, Preprint1998-37)

  75. D. Morale, V. Capasso, K. Oelschläger:

  76. A rigorous derivation of a nonlinear integro-differential equation from a system of stochastic differential equations for an aggregation model
    (Abstract1998-38, Preprint1998-38)

  77. D. Morale, V. Capasso, K. Oelschläger:

  78. On the derivation of the mean-field nonlinear integro-differential equation for a population of aggregating individuals subject to stochastic fluctuations
    (Abstract1998-39, Preprint1998-39)

  79. G. Malle:

    (Abstract1998-40, Preprint1998-40)

  81. F. Guias:

  82. Coagulation-fragmentation processes: relations between finite particle models and differential equations
    (Abstract1998-41, Preprint1998-41)

  83. G. Nabh:

  84. On High Order Methods for the Stationary Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
    (Abstract1998-42, Preprint1998-42.ps.gz)

  85. I. S. Pop:

  86. Regularization Methods in the Numerical Analysis of Some Degenerate Parabolic Equations
    (Abstract1998-43, Preprint1998-43)

  87. T. J. Löffler, H. G. Bock:

  88. Implicit and explicit BDF algorithms with orders higher than 6 and 2, respectively
    (Abstract1998-44, Preprint1998-44)

  89. G. Kanschat:

  90. A Robust Finite Element Discretization for Radiative Transfer Problems with Scattering
    (Abstract1998-45, Preprint1998-45.ps.gz)

  91. S. Turek:

  92. Konsequenzen eines numerischen "Elch Tests" für Computersimulationen
    (Abstract1998-46, Preprint1998-46)

  93. S. S. Antman, H. Koch:

  94. Self-sustained oscillations of nonlinearly viscoelastic layers
    (Abstract1998-47, Preprint1998-47.ps.gz)

  95. R. Becker:

  96. Weighted Error Estimators for Finite Element Approximations of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
    (Abstract1998-48, Preprint1998-48)

  97. W. Jäger, A. Mikelic:

  98. On the Boundary Conditions at the Contact Interface Between Two Porous Media
    (Abstract1998-49, Preprint1998-49)

  99. J. F. Acker:

  100. Arbeiten mit GMV unter FEATFLOW
    (Abstract1998-50, Preprint1998-50)
  101. V. Acciaro and J. Klüners:

  102. Computing Local Artin Maps, And Solvability of Norm Equations
    (Abstract1998-51, Preprint1998-51)

  103. L. P. Rivkind, V. A. Solonnikov:

  104. On nonsymmetric two-dimensional viscous flow through an aperture
    (Abstract1998-52, Preprint1998-52.ps.gz)

  105. Chr. Becker, S. Turek, C. Waguet:

  106. Application of DEVISORGRID 1.0 in the FEATFLOW software
    (Abstract1998-53, Preprint1998-53)

  107. R. Rannacher:

  108. Error Control in Finite Element Computations
    (Abstract1998-54, Preprint1998-54.ps.gz)

  109. R. Becker, H. Kapp, R. Rannacher:

  110. Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations: Basic Concept
    (Abstract1998-55, Preprint1998-55.ps.gz)

  111. G. Kanschat, F.-T. Suttmeier:

  112. A Posteriori Error Estimates for Nonconforming Finite Element Schemes
    (Abstract1998-56, Preprint1998-56.ps.gz)

  113. B. Maar, V. Schulz:

  114. Interior Point Multigrid Methods for Topology Optimization
    (Abstract1998-57, Preprint1998-57)