An adaptive DAE SOLver based on variable stepsize variable order BDF methods for the solution of stiff ODEs and linear-implicit index 1 DAEs.

As of August 2009 the features and functionality of DAESOL-II include:

  • Forward and adjoint sensitivity generation based on IND
  • Generation of directional sensitivities of arbitrary(!) order by pure forward as well as combined forward/adjoint schemes
  • Error control of forward sensitivities
  • Error controlled continuous representation of the solution and the forward sensitivities
  • Support of dense and sparse linear algebra solvers
  • Stepsize and order selection based on the actual variable integration grid
  • Monitor strategy for the solution of the implicit systems leading to fewer matrix factorization and Jacobian evaluations of the model functions
  • Computation of consistent initial values
  • Support of a relaxed formulation of the algebraic equations for the use in optimization context
  • Storage and reuse of the integration grid during later integrations and sensitivity generation runs
  • Runge-Kutta starter for the BDF method
  • Modular design in C++
  • Global error control of nominal solution (testing)
  • Support for implicitely defined switching events (also in sensitivity generation) (devel)
  • Support for delay DAEs (devel)

More functionality will follow. Hope to seen you back here soon,

Jan Albersmeyer